Book Review #24 Embroideries

This entry might be shorter than my other reviews because this was a really short book.  Definitely one that can be read in about a day due to the length.  It’s packed with a lot of interesting stories and I loved it, yet my only qualm with the book was that I wish it were longer.

Readers go through the eyes of Marjane Satrapi once again as she shows us what Iranian women talk about together.  It’s really interesting how similar Iranian women and American women are to each other.  Topics covered in the book are affairs, plastic surgery, forced marriages, awful men, true love and dealing with loss.  All subjects women of any nationality can relate to.

The book is written in a very Sex in the City kind of way where the women are sitting around drinking tea while they gossip about their scandalous friends and the crazy things they’ve done.  Okay, it’s a more refined, less-middle aged feeling Sex and the City.   In my opinion, it wasn’t as annoying when the Iranian women in Marjane’s family talked about scandalous subjects as it is when American women do.  This may be a bit of a culture shock on my part realizing that even though our two cultures seem vastly different, maybe we have more underlying similarities than I thought.

It’s another really great book done by Satrapi, and I recommend it to anyone interested in different cultures or have read Marjane Satrapi’s work before.  This book will not disappoint.


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