The Importance of Taking Breaks

So as I continue on my perilous journey to read 100 books in one year, I’m beginning to notice how exhausting this is going to be.  What you have to understand is that I’m reading round the clock now, at least an hour a day, in order to get these books done, and I never realized how long it took to finish books.

I was always the kid in class who read ahead and finished the books first because I never found reading to be much of a challenge.  I’d just sit still for two or three hours and finish an entire book and then move on to my next task (usually watching TV).  But now that I’m reading all these books, I’m really starting to realize how tiring it is to read a book straight through, so I’m offering some advice for readers out there who may dare to take on a project like this.

The most important advice I can give is to TAKE BREAKS.  Take a lot of them and take them often.  Right now I’m reading a chapter or two and then taking a break to rest my eyes and do something else, and it’s making this whole process much more manageable.  Maybe it’ll take a little longer than usual to finish a book, but plan out the time it takes and incorporate breaks into it.  You’ll thank me when you’re not slamming your head against books you can’t concentrate on.

I’m finally feeling the effects at book 21 of how tiring this process is.  So now I have to re-group and make a new plan.  Another piece of advice I have is to not get discouraged if you can’t focus on a book you’re reading.  It takes a lot to finish different kinds of books, especially if they’re not your preferred genre.  And all books aren’t for everyone.  If you find that you’re just not clicking with a book you’re reading, I suggest you call it a good try and scrap it.  I’ve done that with a few books so far for this project and I don’t regret it.  I’d rather put down books instead of fight myself to try and finish them.  Trust me, it won’t work.

That’s it for me!  Happy reading!


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