Book #4 Review 1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Women’s History

Book #4 Review

This was a fantastic book!  I found this book while I was working in the library one day and decided to read it.  I always found it embarrassing whenever I had to do those “name 10 important women in U.S. history” that I could only name three.  Hilary Clinton, Marie Curie and Rosa Parks.  Really?  That’s all??  As a woman, this is pretty pathetic.

Needless to say, Constance Jones introduces you to TONS of important women in history who were scientists, philosophers, politicians, radicals, musicians, writers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, spies, entertainers and even one who was chosen to be an “enlightened Buddha” at age four!  Names including: Jane Addams, Queen Elizabeth I & II, Clara Barton, Helen Keller, Diana Nyad, Pearl Hart, Queen Sheba, etc.  And I haven’t even made a dent in the list, nor have I named the most important people.

Jones not only gives you a book full of women that you should be familiar with, but she writes about events that women have taken place in.  For example, women used to be the main fighters in war, especially the Amazonian women.  Those were some tough chicks.  It’s rumored that they even burned off their right breast to make it easier to use their weapons.  (This has never been proven, but isn’t that such a kick-ass idea??)  She talks about women’s suffrage, and the hardships women have endured in history to insure that future generations have equal rights.

I find it really sad that I didn’t know about most of the women or events in this book.  You’d think in this century, we’d educate our elementary, middle and high school students about the more important and interesting women in history.  Not just Rosa Parks, though she is important of course.  But these important women are still given such little attention in schools, it’s no wonder girls these days have such low self-esteem.  They have no strong role models!  If anyone reading this tries to claim that people like Miley Cyrus and Bella Swan are good role models for girls, then I feel truly sorry for you, because you deserve more.

This book is really enlightening.  I recommend this for women of all ages, and men as well if they’re interested.  It’s a fascinating book with a lot of interesting information about Women’s History.


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