The 25 Slump

Hello!  I’m excited to say that I have successfully read 25 books so far, so I’m a quarter way through the challenge!

However, I am not excited because now I’m in a slump.  I think I’ve worn myself out from all the hardcore reading because now this whole thing feels like a chore.  I can honestly say, I did not forsee this problem when creating the challenge.  I naively thought, “I’ll be fine, I LOVE TO READ!!!”

Silly me.

I’m not quitting the challenge or bringing down the number of target books.  I’m just letting you know if I don’t finish a book in a few days, I’m probably still in this slump. Is it possible to read too much?  Isn’t that what our parents and teachers wanted us to do when we were kids?  Read all the time instead of watching TV, or having lives?  But is there a point where a person can do too much reading, like a person can watch too much TV?  For the sake of this blog, I sincerely hope not.

Of course any advice would be AWESOME, but I’ll try and persevere through!

Happy reading!


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  1. According to my experience, it’s absolutely normal. i don’t quite like when it happens, because I want to be reading. but you know, just let it happen. it’s good for you. let the slum take its course, and you’ll get back in time even more ravenous for more words on paper. but a break is good. I’m in the same place right now, have been for about a week and a half.

    just trust your love for books. and it will not let you down.

    FYI, i think that your goal is great. I admire your ambition. Keep it up.

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